The Heart Of Noise
A Tribute To The Art Of Noise
Original release Date: January 10, 2001
Re-release date: February 15, 2006
Total Songs: 10
Genre: Electronic, Cover, Tribute
(p) 2001, 2006
This tribute to The Art Of Noise was originally compiled in 2001 by Louis A Bustamante with the full participation and cooperation of many very talented fans on the aon-chat mailing list.
Track Name Time Artist Download
1 (Go) Donna (Go) 7:18 EtherReal MP3
2 Fear Of A Spanner 2:23 Louis A Bustamante MP3
3 Snapshot (Crackpot Jackpot Version) 4:01 Kapitano MP3
4 A Time For Fear (Timeless) 6:45 EtherReal MP3
5 A Nation Rejects (Colour Climax Mix) 3:32 Snowstorm MP3
6 Who's Afraid (Of Montage)? 7:53 Andrew Rothman MP3
7 Moments Of Beatbox Diversion 110 6:06 Guido Van den Bossche MP3
8 Paranoimia 4:35 Andrew Rothman MP3
9 Instruments Of Darkness (Stay In Step) 7:37 EtherReal MP3
10 Moments in Dub (Live in Loves Park) 5:12 Eschatfische/Weiskopf MP3
11 Liner Notes TXT

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